Royall strives to provide you with World Class Support for your wood pellet grill or smoker at all times.
If your current issue requires some additional information not provided here, please give us a call at 800-944-2516 x210.

Basic Troubleshooting for the Royall pellet grill or smoker system

I'm having difficulty getting my pellets to light:
The igniter only runs for about 3 minutes when the pellet grill is first turned on. The igniter then stops and will not activate again unless the grill is turned off and then turned back on again. Repeated ignition cycles can advesely effect the overall lifecycle of the igniter. If your grill or smoker is new, the wood pellets have to have time to work their way thru the auger tube into the firepot. If your igniter stops before the pellets reach the firepot, no ignition will take place. Simply turn the grill off and back on again once the pellets begin to drop into the firepot and ignition should start. If your wood pellets have been stored in a damp area and have become damp or wet they will be very difficult to light. We reccomend using Royall wood pellets for best results.

My grill has ground fault outlet trips, or blows fuses:
Occasionally a component may cause an outlet to trip or a fuse to blow. If this occurs, you need to locate the component causing the issue. Begin by unpluging the auger motor, igniter, and fan from the controller. Turn on the controller and see if the problem still exists. If everything is fine, turn off the controller, and plug in one of the components (fan. auger. or igniter) and turn the unit on again. Continue to try each compnent individually until you locate the bad component. Once you have an idea what part needs to be replaced please call us a 608-768-8508 x210 or visit for a replacement part.

My wood pellet fire goes out:
Occasionally, settings on the digital controller may cause your fire to extinquish itself due to pellet starvation. Make sure the "P" setting knob in the upper right corner is set to P2 as a starting point. Higher P settings can cause a pellet starvation issue in certain cases due to adding additional delay between auger movements.

The fan continues to run after I've turned off my grill:
The digital controller utilizes a 10 minutes cool down cycle once the controller has been turned off.The fan will shut off automatically after 10 minutes.

Error codes are showing on my digital controller:
Please refer to your pellet grill manual for corrective action based upon the controller error.

Where do I find replacement parts for my Royall grill or smoker?:
All of our replacement parts are available at, or call us at 608-768-8508 x210 for immediate assistance.